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Drive more customers to your business with search engines than any other online source.

Grow Customer Base

The core foundation of every business, is its customers. By driving traffic to your website, you are able to grow your business by appearing in search for what they are looking for instead of paying for ads. This increases your customers trust in your business.


Not only are we SEO geniuses (humbly of course) but we also belong to mastermind groups that include the world’s best SEOs. We discuss strategy, what’s working and what to move away from. We stay on top of our industry to benefit your site.

Monthly Reports

We send daily ranking reports with keyword position updates and noteworthy news, to make clients aware of any changes in the industry and advising recommendations to help secure their business online. Our clients love this.

Retention Media SEO

You are frustrated, you can’t seem to figure out or want to figure out all this Google stuff and web stuff. All you want to do is sell more products or get more customers. Well, we just happen to love what we do and can get you to show up in front of your targeted customers in the search engine results.

Your business can not progress if you have to worry about all the complex steps and strategies with SEO. At Retention Media, we do all the SEO work for you. You reap the benefits and just watch your traffic and income numbers remarkably increase. Need some more reasons to contact us?

We are the best Huntington Beach SEO company and we are powerful, far beyond what business owners realize. Sales are essential to business, if a business doesn’t have foot traffic and doesn’t have a website, then they aren’t generating enough sales to be a profitable business. It is crucial in today’s digital age to have a mobile- friendly website and a website that is optimized for the search engines. It can be a daunting task to pick an SEO company in Huntington Beach California because you don’t know what to look for or who to believe. You need a search engine optimization company that is trustworthy, has results to show or testimonials to prove they can do what they say they can do.



Here are a few more:


Implementing SEO is one of the most cost effective ways to generate traffic and leads online and offline. The opposite is to continue wasting money on noneffective tactics that just don’t produce the results you are looking for. Why are you throwing money at strategies that don’t stick and have a time limit? We will work with you to provide a solution based on the what services will work best for your business. While others marketing and search engine optimization agencies will push programs that drive up the cost, we prefer to deliver results that are cost efficient. Let us get you the results without breaking the bank.

Straight Results

Rely on our Oakdale SEO services to provide positive and straight results to your business. This is accomplished by using years of data and proven results from the best SEO agencies in the world. With the SEO groups that we are a part of, we are able to deliver a consistent increase of organic traffic to your business online using the most up-to-date tactics.

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Increase Brand Trustworthiness
We can help intensify the credibility of your brand. This is done by improving your ranking on popular search engines such as GoogleBing, and Yahoo! Showing up on the first page of search engine results gives your brand that trust and credibility consumers know to look for. Society is conditioned to believe that the first several links that appear on a search engine results page are the best results available. The worst thing for your brand is to be hidden where no one can see. Our SEO services can help improve your rank with genuine and effective techniques. When you are on the first page, not only will it help your brand’s image, it will help increase traffic. Consumers visit trusted brands and they purchase from trusted brands. Become a trusted brand.

Make Your Website Unique

There are many websites on the web but some are uniquely designed for search engine optimization. One plan to rise above the rest in your niche is to have a website that is designed and constructed for SEO. Many brands do not take the time or simply don’t have the time to perform this task. Without a properly formatted and operating website, it makes it increasingly challenging for consumers to find your site. The worst thing that can happen to your site is to be lost in the search pages with all the work you put into the design and information go to waste. Oakdale CA SEO makes sure you’re up to code and using the right SEO practices. With our direction, you’ll never be lost in the crowd.

Results that Last

Retention Media SEO provides the essential services and expertise to make sure your website is healthy and performs well for a long time. Unlike online advertisements that stop instantly once you stop paying, SEO can provide long lasting results. Choosing the right SEO agency makes all of the difference.

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process getting organic, free, unpaid for traffic from search engines. This process involves many factors, and the number one goal is to give the user what they are looking for in the search engines. The goal of our services is to give the client and search engine users, the best results possible.

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